I'd Rather be Anything but Ordinary

In This Big Epic Movie, Everyone Is An Extra

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I have been told that I am possibly one of the most complicated people you will ever meet.

My name is Senneca, but you may call me Senn. I'm blonde, tan, and wear too much eye-makeup. I enjoy spelunking, chandelier earings, romance novels, canoe portaging, building tents out of cutlery, rubbing myself with pesto and caffine. Nice to meet you.

I used to watch every show on primetime tv, but sadly not anymore. I used to be an insane fangirl. I still am at heart, I just seem to be out of time lately.

I'm a big fan of imperfection, faultlessnes is so dull.

If I had to describe myself as a chracter I would be either Jace Wayland from the Mortal Instruments Trilogy or Tony DiNozzo from NCIS.

My sarcastic voice sounds like my normal voice, and I have the spectacular ability of making compliments sound like insults and insults sound like compliments.
And no one can tell the difference.

I'm also a cancer and a slytherin.